Clean Marina BOSS Water Skimmer

Dave Nickelson founded ROST Marine and developed the BOSS Water Skimmer in Forest Lake, MN. Dave has been a lover of boats his whole life, particularly sailboats. He has also always been an inventor. More than a decade ago, he witnessed a stationary water skimmer being designed, and as an automated machine builder, he thought it left a lot to be desired. This inspired Dave to thoroughly investigate and analyze the problem of marina debris.
Dave had a custom vinyl coating and molding company for 28 years and was involved in many product developments, so he had a lot of practice at developing products. In that company, he designed and built a lot of machinery because there were no suppliers of vinyl dip coating and molding machines. To survive, he had to do it all on his own. The more than four decades of experience that he gained in his previous business ventures enabled him to invent such an essential machine as The BOSS, which is easy to operate, safe, and effective.